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Notes on the journeys of Hon. Rudolf Rassendyll and Mme de Mauban

I have been studying my Baedecker. Unfortunately, I don't have the Rhine or Southern Germany/Austria volumes, so some of my data is incomplete. However, I have pieced together the following:
Rassendyll and Mme de Mauban leave Paris from the Gare de l'Est to travel to Frankfurt-am-Main, via Strassburg (then in Germany). I do not have details of this part of their journey.

From Frankfurt, they travel to Leipzig - 237 miles, a journey of 9 hours.
They arrive at the Thuringian Station in Leipzig.
They then catch a train for Dresden at the Dresden Station. This is a journey of 71.5 miles. By express, it takes 2 hrs 15 mins, by normal train 3 hrs-3 hrs 15 mins.
They arrive at the Leipzig Station in the Neustadt of Dresden. Both make an overnight stop there.

The following day (apparently in the late afternoon) they both take the Prague train from the Bohemian Station in Dresden Altstadt. It takes between 1 hr 15 mins-2 hrs to reach the border (just under 38 miles). Zenda is 10 miles within the border of Ruritania, so is about 48 miles from Dresden. Rassendyll disembarks here in the evening.

Mme de Mauban continues to Strelsau, which is approx. 98 miles from Dresden. The stop after Zenda is Hofbau, only a few miles further on, on the side of a small river. This is a tributary of the Elbe, the line having diverged briefly from following the main course of the river. Strelsau is 50 miles from Zenda. When the train is making good time (as it is when Rassendyll makes this journey on the coronation day), it is 1 hr 30 minutes from Hofbau to Strelsau; otherwise, this may take a couple of hours, as it is a distance of 40-odd miles.

We do not know what other stops the train makes through Ruritania, but at some point it rejoins the 'real world' on the other side of the border, and arrives in Prague.

(I think we just have to tug the maps apart to make room for a reasonably substantial Ruritania as a buffer-state between Saxony and Bohemia!)
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