El Staplador (el_staplador) wrote in ruritania,
El Staplador

Fic: The Blood of the Hentzaus

The Blood of the Hentzaus (44477 words) by faviconEl Staplador
Chapters: 20/20
Fandom: Zenda Novels - Anthony Hope
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Major Character Death
Relationships: OFC/OFC
Characters: Fritz von Tarlenheim, Helga von Strofzin (Tarlenheim), Princess Flavia, Elisabeth von Tarlenheim (OFC), Maria Adler (OFC), Theresa von Strofzin (OFC), Heinrich (Heinz) von Tarlenheim (OMC), Leopold von Tarlenheim (OMC), Karl von Tarlenheim (OMC), Colonel Sapt, Nikolas von Werdenstein (OMC)

1891. It is sixteen years since Mr Rassendyll first set foot in Ruritania, and thirteen since the events described in Rupert of Hentzau. It is twelve years since Queen Flavia was crowned monarch of Ruritania in her own right. Elisabeth, beloved only daughter of Fritz and Helga von Tarlenheim, is growing up in a peaceful and prosperous country. In Ruritania, however, one can only be sure of two things: that the Hentzaus fear nothing, and that, if there is a plot, the Tarlenheims are in it up to the neck.

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